Struggling to understand how your customers feel about your business?

Happy customers are integral to growing your business and collecting feedback that’s both easy to understand and actionable is essential.

We can work with you to find the most effective communication strategy that fits your business and your customers.

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How did SSE use cloud communication solutions to enhance their customer journeys?

What I find most important to our relationship is how flexible they are and how willing they (Revive) are to assist in the development of new campaigns and strategies.

Adrian McCarthy VOC Manager , Customer Experience, SSE

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With implementations that take weeks rather than months, our expert team is equipped to support you right from the start to ensure you're getting the most out of your campaigns.

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Rapid and easy deployment

Create campaigns and launch campaigns quickly and easily.

Real-time feedback

Information and results from your customers delivered direct to your business.

Adapt and refine messaging

Make updates and channel changes to allow for continuous improvement.

GDPR Compliant

Deliver communications with securely and with confidence.

Broad channel reach

Personalise communication channels across SMS, Voice, web and email.

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