Payment and collection solutions

Our solutions help large organisations collect payments and debt from their customers more efficiently through a focus on digital communications; reducing the need to send letters or call customers up.

Many large organisations are facing typical industry challenges such as high operating costs, resource constraints and a decrease in collections performance because of archaic and legacy collections strategies.

Our solutions disrupt the status quo and allow you to really engage with your customers through a simple and agile approach to digital payments and collections.


  • User interface autonomy

    Function to manage your own campaigns

  • Omni-channel contact

    SMS, IVM, IVR, Web and Email

  • Real-time reporting dashboard

    With multi-tiered permissions based access

  • In-depth analysis and insight

    Provided by in-house debt specialists

  • Compliant and secure

    GDPR, PCIDSS and ISO27001

Driving continuous improvement

Our industry consultants will work with you to understand your business and develop an automated collections approach, which identifies and tackles unproductive touchpoints and delivers a communications strategy which encompasses SMS, email, IVR, web and social channels.

We offer an agile partnership, working closely with you to analyse performance and drive continuous improvements and real results across your operation.


Our team of expert in-house analysts provide an additional layer of insight to drive continuous improvement.


Our platform is independently audited to ensure it adheres to the most stringent security standards PCIDSS1 and ISO27001.


Our platform has been designed for agile development and deployment. A typical solution build time is less than five days.