How to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one

Positive customers are proven to recommend to friends and their families; this is the strongest marketing channel your company can have and the most cost effective. Negative customers however are disengaged with your brand and can have a multitude of damaging effects on your business.

All organisations will have customers that aren’t completely happy, no matter whom they are. Industry leading organisations  differentiate themselves by having efficient processes in place to turn these detractors into promoters of their brand.

These are the steps that the industry leaders use in their customer resolution processes.

1. Recognise

If you customers aren’t happy the first step is to make sure you know about it. If you make it difficult for customers to voice their concerns then the majority of them will channel their efforts into switching to one of your competitors rather than stretching themselves to tell you why they’re not happy. You need to make the customer feedback process easy, efficient and most importantly pro-active- not waiting for your customers to contact you but instead showing the desire and hunger to hear their experiences with your organisation.

2. React

If a customer has left you negative feedback following their poor experience the time it takes you to contact them is key to a positive outcome. If a customer is aware you know they’re dissatisfied yet have failed to do anything about it then they’re can be unrecoverable consequences leading to your once valued customer leaving to a competitor and worse still voicing their poor experience with their friends and families. Dissatisfaction needs resolving and as quickly as possibly. The key to an effective and quick solution is to automate and streamline this process in your contact centre.

3. Resolve

So you’ve found out your customer is unhappy, you know you need to act quickly to stop the issue escalating what do you need to do?

The key to the resolution and customer experience being transformed into a positive one is communication.

Statistics show that in over 80% of cases where a customer has shown dissatisfaction that the issue can be resolved on the first call- usually by a dedicated resolution team. The majority of dissatisfaction derives from a trivial issue – a customer may have been on hold for too long or felt they didn’t like the tone of the call centre agent’s voice. These customers are showing the early signs of being disengaged with your company through not feeling valued. A simple call and showing willingness to listen is often all that is required. They want to know you care and value them as customers. If a customers issue is more serious they will be a lot more forgiving knowing that you’re taking action to resolve the problem.

This action and proactive approach will create a positive experience. The customers who once were frustrated and voicing their negative experience will be openly promoting the caring and efficient way in which you do business- fast becoming strong promoters to their friends and families.

So how can we gather the feedback, act quickly and resolve these customer’s issues?


Many leading organisations are benefiting from implementing a customer experience management solution.

Our solution allows organisations to gather customer feedback across multiple contact channels in a cost effective way. Our real time detractor notification software immediately 1.Recognises customer issues and 2.Reacts by proactively engaging contact with them, allowing your team to 3.Resolve issues in real time as they happen.

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