How to improve contact centre agent performance

How to improve contact centre agent performance

1.      Set up a CSAT, NPS or VoC programme

Immediately by setting up a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme you will see an increase in agent performance.  Once agents realise they are being monitored they will begin to perform better.

2.  Ensure you have a cost effective method to gather enough data

So many times we have seen these programmes set up with a 1 or 2 agents actually carrying out the surveys.  The issue here is that simply not enough data can be gathered and therefore results become inconsistent.  Equal sample sizes should be taken for each agent to ensure a consistent and fair measure.

3.     Get agents involved in the process

Listen to your agents.  Get them involved in process, implementation and use their feedback too.  If the agents have bought into the concept you will get improved performance from them.

4.     Share great customer service experiences

Our clients have weekly team meetings to share great customer services so that others can learn from this.  Whether this be simply listening to the verbatim comments from the outbound IVM survey, listening to the original call or both, it is a good idea share all that is good too!

5.     Make KPI targets visible

Make all KPI targets visible to all advisors, alongside their own achievements.  Our clients use our real time reporting to display results throughout the day.

6.     Let the agents listen to calls

Allow agents to listen to the calls during coaching sessions.  It is a great opportunity to point out strengths and areas of opportunity. Sometimes it helps to paint the picture.

7.     Keep checking performance

Constantly look at your performance monitoring again and again to ensure it’s achieving the desired result.  Whatever programme that you have chose to use, use it everyday.  Outbound surveys, whether by Interactive Voice Messaging, 2 way SMS or email, should be Business as Usual (BAU).  This will ensure processes and agent performance are improved continually also.

8.     Engage the team

Engage your team in coming up with ideas for performance monitoring. This means they understand it, buy into it and provide a good customer experience to your customers.

9.    Bonus based on YTD performance

Many of our clients now measure and pay bonus against year to date (YTD) performance against annual targets, so performance daily/weekly/monthly performance changes are not missed.

10.     Build customer feedback into the process

Incorporate customer feedback into performance measures and bonus schemes and direct the feedback to the individual advisors or team managers. Often what the customer thinks is more important to the advisor than what their managers think.


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