The drought continues in spite of the rain

In spite of some welcome rainfall this week water supplies are still desperately low.

The past week has been the wettest week across England and Wales since the start of January. Rainfall totals have ranged from 34mm in Wales to 14mm in the South East which has increased all river flows across the regions. The greatest increases have been in Northern England and Wales.

Groundwater levels are exceptionally low in East Anglia, the South of England and parts of the Midlands.

Currently East Anglia, South East England and East Yorkshire are in drought. Last week 7 water companies in the South East and East of England imposed temporary bans on use. Other areas of the country mainly the Midlands,  South West of England and parts of Wales are now experiencing a shortage of supplies.

The National Drought Co-ordinator Helen Vale says that “although there has been some welcome rain recently the drought has not gone away and it is as important as ever that businesses, water companies and consumers all play their part by using water wisely”.

“Wise use is essential, not only for consumers but also the environment for wildlife and farmers. If you can use less water, even if you do not live in an area that has a ban imposed, please try”.

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