Sept. 17, 2020

Strengthening your CSAT score: How Revive helps customers make use of their data

Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSATs) are vital for any organisation that is serious about understanding its customers’ sentiments, needs, queries and complaints – and proactively working to be as customer-centric as possible.

They are measured via questions that ask customers to indicate how far they agree with a particular statement. A typical statement would be ‘how would you rate your satisfaction with the [goods/services] you received?’ A 1-5 scale would follow, ranging from ‘very unsatisfied’ to ‘unsatisfied’ to ‘neutral’ to ‘satisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’. These results can then be averaged out to give a Composite Customer Satisfaction Score, expressed as a percentage of overall satisfied customers.

However, CSAT scores are only useful insofar as organisations are able to collect them and then act on them. And that can be tricky. When, and how, do you encourage a customer to complete a survey, when they may well just want to take their purchase home? How do you get those results back to a management team who are then able to analyse and harness them?

Two elements are required: first, a means of collecting CSAT information in a way which is convenient and non-disruptive for the customer; and second, a means of transmitting that information back to head office without using up unnecessary resource.

The Revive Analytics CSAT Dashboard

This is where Revive comes in. For organisations looking to strengthen their CSAT scores and make more intelligent use of the customer sentiment data they are collecting, we can develop highly tailored solutions consisting of an SMS survey at the customer end, and a highly intuitive analytics CSAT dashboard at the back end.

This means that we kill both birds with one stone. The mechanism for actually collecting CSAT information is highly customer-centric, delivered directly to their smartphone in a concise format, at the most appropriate time. Say – a day after their purchase, rather than the moment it has arrived.

Then, the results from each customer are automatically transmitted through to our analytics dashboard – meaning no convoluted or error-prone importing and copying processes, and no requirement for staff in the organisation to take on a tedious or cumbersome task. It’s all handled digitally and automatically.

The dashboard itself is designed to offer dynamic, real-time results with query-able data, sentiment analysis, and verbatim commentary all captured automatically. This allows for an instant overview of current activity, day-on-day performance tracking and mapping of CSAT performance over time. This allows organisations to measure customer satisfaction without manual calculations and to pinpoint specific days of high or low scoring for analysis and review. Furthermore, the dashboard allows groupings of data from different manufacturers to be listed in one place and compared against one another for benchmarking.

All of which is why Lindsay Lax, Marketing Manager at AA Business Services had very positive things to say following our deployment of bespoke SMS and online customer contact solutions. This includes a same-day SMS survey that is sent to the customer’s mobile device the day after a roadside assistance incident. She commented: “We’ve made great progress with Revive over the past six months and have been very impressed with the organisation’s account handling. Revive have been highly professional, amenable and responsive, and nothing has been too much trouble. It’s a very easy working relationship, and the results speak for themselves.”

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