Smart Meters Programme means millions of home visits

Smart electricity and gas meters are to be fitted by British Gas starting this week.

There are to be over 53 million meters installed in the UK over 26 million households and the government has vowed to start the changeover from 2014. The cost for the project is £11.7 billion with meters costing £450 each and this is a large part in the government’s plans to reduce emissions.

The installation of these new meters should save up to £130 per annum say The Energy Saving trust who are partly funded by the energy companies.

The meters will allow homeowners to monitor their usage and therefore estimate their cost/saving by adjusting use of their appliances accordingly.

This is the biggest programme of home visits sing the changeover to North Sea gas in the 60s and 70s and completion should be by 2019.

British Gas intends to get a head start on its rivals and has already installed more than 400,000 although as specifications have changed slightly many of these will need to be changed.

These meters are said to be as the most advanced meters in the world and come with a hand held touch screen and will show real time consumption with tips for reducing bills.

This new age of “smart meters” means that estimated bills will be a thing of the past which has been a complaint of many customers and personalised messages and advice can also be sent straight to the meters.

Utilising Revive Managements Appointment Solution, energy companies will be able to save on missed appointments and improve access rates by up to 8%.  In a project this size significant cost savings can be achieved by sending customers pre recorded voice messages to landline telephones and SMS messages to mobile telephones.

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