Postal Price Increase drives Organisations to use SMS

The recent hike in Royal Mail postage costs now adds much more weight to the business argument of using Interactive Voice Messaging and SMS rather than direct mail for contacting customers.

The rises which take effect from 30th April have lifted the cost of stamps from 46p to 60p for first class and 36p to 50p for second class mail. Large items have moved from 75p to 90p for first class and 58p to 69p for second class.

In order to compare these costs against SMS we must look at first class costs which means that since the rise, sending a letter including postage, paper, envelope plus resource to compile is now around £1.20 per item.

SMS coming in around 2,000% cheaper makes it a “no brainer” for organisations with large customer bases.  Furthermore using SMS is a much faster and environmentally method to contact customers.

Our customers utilise Interactive Voice Messaging and SMS for a variety of business processes including, carrying out customer surveys, debt collection, appointment reminding, meter reading, fraud alerts and much more.

Revive Management are a leading provider of hosted multi channel communications enhanced further with data services, we are a company that help organisations increase market share and improve customer satisfaction whilst reducing operational costs.  Many utilities, finance and insurance organisations are already using multi channel communications as their preferred route and enjoying the huge savings they are making against traditional forms of contact.

Call one of our experienced team members on 0844 693 0244 to find out how we could assist your organisation to gain these savings too.

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