Now is the time to increase sales

Frugality Fatigue is a new expression that is explained in simple terms. In a recession customers cut back and repay debt. What money was previously spent on luxury but not essential items such as a new car, holiday or home improvements is now spent on repaying debt, paying present commitments and even saving a bit of money.

After a while as things look a little brighter we get fed up with this approach and start to spend a bit of money on the things we like.

This doesn’t mean to say we go out and spend without thinking but we just take a more planned approach to where we put our disposable income.

Of course some purchases simply have to be made in order maintain our existence, for instance a car if not changed at a certain age becomes a liability rather than an asset.

Whilst hard times have eased a little in Europe the States is showing signs that things are definitely on the up and up.

If confidence is increasing in the US now is the time for UK retailers to contact customers with offers that persuade them to part with their money. These measures will help short, medium and long term business.

Revive Management offer low cost, quick, selective and directed methods of communication to such customers by offering multi channel communication methods including Voice Messaging, SMS and hosted dialler solutions enhanced further with our data divisions direct marketing information.  Now is the time to increase sales activity.

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