July 1, 2020

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology for customer contact will be supported by half of the UK contact centres within the next 12 to 18 months research has found. Over 100 UK organisations surveyed through a range of industries already claim that they are planning to put in the necessary infrastructure or already have the required technology to contact their customers in this manner.

Brand marketing has seen a revolution in the way contact centres communicate with their customers and this has been driven by the influence of mobility on people’s lives along with their attitudes  and choices.

It is likely that in the future ( 2015 ) tablets will start to outsell desktops and laptops and Ofcom report that the majority of people in the UK now own at least one mobile device.

The research shows that at last contact centres are now investing in this form of communication which offers both the consumer and the supplier a convenient and preferred method of contact.

This has all been possible with the growing proliferation of unified communications enablers, an improved data centre capability and improved bandwidth.

The research also offered some other key findings:

1.  Just over 30% surveyed said that they weren’t considering supporting mobile technology just yet

2.  50% of the companies surveyed said that they had already set up the technical infrastructure to enable mobile technology within their centres.

3.  Inbound customer service was considered the most useful application for mobile customer contact cited by 40% organisations.

4.  18% said that cost was the biggest barrier while 17% said that the problem was legacy systems.

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Mobile Technology