Missed Deliveries cost £1 billion

How do I receive delivery of my parcel when I am out at work?

With this swift and efficient world of on line ordering and parcel delivery how do we ensure we receive what we order with the minimum amount of disruption.

Professor of Logisitics and Supply Management at Cranfield University,  Richard Wilding, has been the victim of misplaced parcels. He said “we were expecting a gift parcel but had not received it and when we spoke to the courier service they said that it had been delivered. We asked where it had been delivered to and they said a hedge.  We haven’t got a hedge. But low and behold some weeks later it was discovered  in a hedge half a mile away from our house”

Why does this happen? Part of the problem is that drivers are not incentified to successfully deliver a parcel the first time. When companies compile statistics they regularly count a mis-delivery card as a successful delivery.

Around 12% of deliveries fail first time costing the industry a massive £1bn in re-deliveries.

Many people claim that when they find a missed delivery card on their doormat the postman or courier driver has posted this without knocking in order to save time.

On other occasions customers stay in all day only to have their parcel arrive at nearly 6pm.

To collect the parcel after a failed delivery can be time consuming for the customer as collection depots may be many miles away creating additional expense.

Courier Tony Rudder has experienced this problem personally after he stayed in all day to take delivery of his parcel only to find a note on his doormat saying that the delivery driver knocked but got no reply.

But the courier has a defence “we turn up at a house and no one is in. We phone up the supplier who try to contact the customer for an alternative delivery address say next door but they are unobtainable and this leaves the courier hanging around for perhaps half an hour or more.

As customers have generally opted for the cheapest form of delivery the drivers cannot hang around for too long trying to contact the customer.

Revive Management can help reduce these costly missed deliveries by sending customers either an Interative Voice Message or SMS to remind them of the delivery time and date.

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