Measuring customer satisfaction is not an option it’s essential

Communicate, question and develop relationships

Although the Internet has global possibilities, personal relationships have, ironically, never been more important. Power has been surrendered to the consumer like never before therefore customer satisfaction is essential to a profitable business.

People have the option to look around and find another service, product or provider and they know it! Does that put businesses in danger? Not necessarily. It all depends on the approach adopted.

Businesses can experience meaningful and beneficial relationship with their customers that work both ways. To avoid moving from a ‘must have’ destination to a ‘once was’ is about anticipation. The challenge in the digital age is to maintain momentum and keep talking.

Consider these three things:

What is the most effective way of keeping track of what your customer is thinking?

How can you glean enough information about customer habits to predict what they might need next?

How might you develop a relationship that is so advantageous that customers are keen to tell you just what they are looking for?

This is where the art of meaningful conversation is essential. Regular, thoughtful and useful contact makes this possible. After all, when a consumer signs up and buys from you, this is just the beginning of the journey, not the end. Having been chosen from amongst so many others, it would be foolish not to recognize the trust and hope that has been placed with your organisation. It doesn’t matter what business you are in; the broad principle is the same: happy customers are loyal customers.

Have you ever thought just what goes through a consumer’s mind before they ‘press send or buy’. They have a problem and you are their chosen solution. With that choice comes the responsibility of fulfilling a raft of needs.

Consider this customer’s specific needs:

‘I am buying this dress for my daughter’s wedding. I am hoping it will not make me look old and that it has style. I don’t want to look fat. I need to feel glamorous in my own right because this event demonstrates just how much time has passed since my own wedding. I want to be transported when I lift the dress from the box.’

Get there first

Think how a business can fulfil those needs and desires. Evaluate how important keeping track of customer satisfaction will be to the process. If you can instil confidence in a consumer then the odds are stacked firmly in your favour. Of course, the businesses that take time to research can predict need before consumers even realize it themselves. Hopefully this will also be before your competitors too.

Customer dissatisfaction is a call to action

Baseline measurements of customer satisfaction can alert you to potential problems, areas of dissatisfaction that can then be turned to a businesses advantage. Imagine someone complains and you see the complaint as valid and pertinent. It may well shed light on failings regarding customer service or your product itself. This must be a call to action

Reach out to the customer. Read the results of their customer survey and develop the relationship. Their perception of you as an organisation will change. The businesses that prosper take time to research the need. And involve customers in research and development. What does that communicate? That customers are valued on every level

Do you understand experientials or demographics?

By using specific measurements you can consider demographics like location or household income or experientials. An organisation can tap into how people feel about what is being offered. The vital outcome is to develop the understanding between customer satisfaction and retention. This can then inform how customer retention impacts on profitability. If you don’t know your customers, how can you develop what they might need next?

It’s time to be scientific about customer experience.

If you don’t start the conversation they’ll have it somewhere else on social media, with or without your permission.

If this strikes a chord in your business you may well wish to start identifying customer satisfaction, promoting customer loyalty that will impact on revenue generation through measured approaches. If this is the case then click here. We can help you make that customer journey a long and meaningful one.

Further Reading

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