How do I work out my Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)?

CSAT is a straightforward measure of client satisfaction and loyalty that tells us the extent to which a customer would recommend a product, company or service to friends and family. Industries such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Retail often use this survey after a sales transaction, a service appointment or an inbound call to their contact centre. CSAT uses a simple methodology based on one question, called the ‘ultimate question’: How likely are you to recommend a company, brand or product to friends or family? It ranks responses on a 0-10 scale and categorises them in three segments:

  • Promoters –  those who indicate that they are extremely likely to recommend, ranked 9-10
  • Passives –  are satisfied customers but unenthusiastic, ranked 7-8
  • Detractors – those who are not likely to recommend a product or service, ranked as 0-6

CSAT is calculated by subtracting percentage of respondents who are detractors (0-6) from promoters (9-10), to get the final Customer Satisfaction Score. If this final score is a positive number that is generally considered to be a good CSAT.

CSAT can be gathered through any number of survey channels, including voice, text, email, and web.  Personalising the delivery method by channel preference has been shown to increase the response rates, and while CSAT is only a single metric, it allows companies to target follow up to promoters and detractors based on their specific leaning. A principle of customer service says each customer who has a positive experience with your company tells 2 to 3 people of this fact, while a customer who has a negative experience tells 10 people.

The Revive Management solution allows organisations to gather customer feedback across multiple contact channels in a cost effective way.

Our real time detractor notification software immediately recognises customer issues and reacts by proactively engaging contact with them, allowing your team to resolve issues in real time as they happen and improve your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).[callout]

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