Flood Warnings – Sporting Events

The Midlands, South East and South West have all posted flood warnings.

Saturdays qualifying at the British Grand Prix was disrupted by rain when racing had to be suspended.

Thousands of fans were turned away from Saturday’s qualifying session as the huge amount of rainfall left car parks unusable. Fans with tickets for the race on Sunday were advised to leave plenty of time for travel. Up to 125,000 fans attended the circuit. Officials had to park cars bumper to bumper and the flow of traffic out of the site had to be staggered.

 The highest level of warning “severe” had been given by the Environment Agency for low lying properties and roads around Stoney Bridge and Castle Hill in Axminster, Devon which has now been removed.

Carol  Spelman, the Environment Secretary is due to visit the Met Office in Exeter for a briefing.

Further periods of heavy rain meant that the roof of Wimbledon needed to be closed during play on Sunday.

20 flood warnings and 100 alerts are in place across England and there are 4 alerts in Scotlan with 1 alert in Wales for the rivers Wye and Monnow in Monmouthshire.

Immediate action is required for a standard flood warning and people should be prepared for possible flooding if a flood alert is given.

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