July 2, 2020

Employee Satisfaction and Happy Customers - Is there a link?

A widely researched topic in the customer service industry joins together customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Case studies and company profiles often show that for employees to provide not just good customer service but great customer service—they must first be driven by loyalty and enthusiasm from their employer. In other words, you can’t force devotion or commitment on your employees, but you can foster it by creating a culture that invites pride and ownership in the job and company. To see the concept visually, the below graph, on call cen­tre metrics, aptly illustrates the connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction:


Measuring employee satisfaction and gathering verbatim feedback to drive improvements has been shown above to a have a direct correlation with improved customer satisfaction and reductions in attrition.

Using Revive Managements survey solutions, companies have the ability to gather employee feedback using multiple contact channels and in a discretionary manner. The Verbatim feedback can be used for analysis and to drive improvements to enhance employee satisfaction which as above shows in turn will drive overall operational performance.

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author.png Author: Revive Management