May 13, 2020

Email Marketing Lists Vs Direct Mailing Lists

Both are marketing channels used for generating more business, increasing brand awareness and providing a genuine return on investment. Here are the pros and cons of each mode of communication.

Email marketing is cheap and fast. Production time of the email is usually minimal. Simply design the creative, write the script, upload the contact list and press send. Your customer receives the email instantly and so responses are received straight away. No waiting for the post to deliver your direct mail shot.

Email marketing is a great testing medium -with email if you are not sure which piece of information will work and attract more customers then you can send a test batch easily and quickly to ensure your script and creative is the best.

Email marketing allows you to link to survey and competition sites along with links to your own website to drive traffic and customers to where you want them.

On the flip side the “email environment” can be quietly acknowledged, customers now receive so much spam they will generally look for messages from people they know either personally or in business so yours might get overlooked and deleted.

Messages also have to be relatively short as when consumers are looking for information via email prospects want to see it quickly so the content of your e mail has to be limited.

Emails can limit your creativity, sometimes with a lack of colour so they may not look catching to the eye. You can add a little colour but not a lot – however new HTML design is fast alleviating these problems.

Strong performing email lists can be hard to find especially ones with proper permissions and opt-ins unless of course you’re blessed with your own significant database. Many listbrokers promise high returns for low prices however the simple fact is the mailing list business is a lot more mature – you can find ethical and helpful list brokers if you shop around – Revive Management being one!

Direct Mail, whilst being an older traditional form of contact, is still a good one. It is sometimes called “junk mail” although the term is used with a lot less anger than the “spam” word. Working through a bunch of emails while answering the phone and carrying out other tasks can be tiresome whereas taking the mail and opening it is a more casual and rewarding experience. You feel much more relaxed with a bunch of letters.

Direct mail campaigns allow you to tell the whole story and create emotion not just a sample of it as with most email.  Your letter or flyer can inspire frighten, cajole, convince, make cojent arguments and motivate. You can add emotions and colourful additions into a letter whereas an e mail tends to be straight to the point.

On the flipside direct mail can be time consuming to produce and expensive to send, more so with the recent hike in postal costs.

As you can see from the pros and cons listed above both marketing mediums have their benefits – the key factors in deciding on which campaign medium to use must be the audience, the budget and the proposition. To summarise; Email is a great channel to make people aware of a product or service efficiently and the only true direct marketing channel for driving people to a web or e-commerce site – however if you are a launching a new investment fund or marketing a new top-end luxury car then a direct mail brochure would be the way to go.

In order to have any success in direct marketing the audience must be suited and receptive to the product or service reaching them. Revive Management specialise in providing both email lists and mailing lists to brands and agencies in the UK for direct mail campaigns. All our data has been fully opted in to receive third party mailings and consistently outperforms many of the industry mailing lists available.

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