Drought 2012 – Inform your customers cost effectively

Water efficiency is essential if we are to control drought conditions both in the long term and short term.

UK Climate Impact Projections show that it is difficult for us now to predict rainfall and we will suffer with longer drier summers in future years so we need to act now and make changes to ensure continuance of our supply.

As people live longer our population will increase and with this supplies must also increase.

Despite water companies carrying out excellent water efficiency it is still a tiny part of what they do. We all, businesses and consumers alike, need to help them save water

The recent drought initially affecting the south and south east has extended northwards toward Yorkshire. It now covers a 250 mile stretch of England from the south coast as far north as Teeside.

This is the worst drought for three decades and a hosepipe ban is to be imposed from Thursday by six water companies.

There is a lot of confusion on what is and what is not allowed and consumer groups and MPs have called for water companies to give clear and more consistent information to businesses and consumers.

Last month the companies issued an 11 point diktat to ensure that customers know exactly what the rules are. Initially pensioners were exempt from the restrictions but this was withdrawn after numerous complaints from other customers.

The rules have been changed on many occasions in the past few weeks due to pressure from consumers and businesses which have resulted in many emergency notifications being required.

Whilst the changes are inconvenient they need to be acted upon promptly.

Revive Management have a solution that will allow water companies to quickly and cost effectively contact customers with updates.  Our hosted multi channel communications platform allows water companies to contact customers via Interactive Voice Messaging (Pre Recorded Voice), SMS and Email therefore cutting down on lettering costs and reaching the customer instantly.

Please call us today on 0844 693 0244 to hear more about how we can notify your customers, save on lettering costs and improve customer experience.

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