Who is Driving the Growth of Cloud Communications?

Employees Driving Cloud Communications – EXPO News

True to its theme the recent ITxpo’s panels, discussions and keynotes focused on the four forces- cloud computing, mobile technology, big data and social media- transforming enterprise communications.

Gartner Symposium hosted the expo and their Senior Vice President of Research, Peter Sondergaard observed that the cloud is the “carrier” of the other forces. He said “mobile is personal cloud, social media is only possible via the cloud and big data is the killer app for the cloud”.

The coming together of unified communications (UC) the cloud and mobility is the most exciting development from an enterprise communications perspective and a number of Gartner analysts explored this through presentation and discussion.

BT’s largest companies are now asking for unified communications said Tom Wolf. He said the shift to the cloud is happening faster than expected and this is something he would not have expected 18 months ago.

It is employees rather than IT teams who are pushing mobility as many of them want to access unified communications functions through their mobile devices.

The coming years will see a profound impact made by unified communications and mobility in the way companies communicate and this method of communications is just in its maturing stage.

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