Customer satisfaction surveys best practice

 Customer Satisfaction Surveys best practice

There are many ways in which our clients obtain customer feedback including Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM), IVR, 2 way SMS, Email/Web, in store and via direct mail.  No matter which channel is used, below is some best practice tips when carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.

1.  Always make clear what company or brand you are asking for feedback about

It sounds a pretty obvious point but you would be surprised at how many customer feedback calls, SMS and email I have seen that don’t state early enough on what brand they are asking for feedback on.  Customer satisfaction surveys best practise would see company names or brands provided early and upfront in the communication.

2.  Always present a valid originating address or telephone number

This mainly applies to IVM, IVR, SMS and Email/Web surveys such as the ones Revive Management provide.  It is important to always present a credible telephone number or email address to the customer to improve completion rates.  Customers should also be able to call back to the telephone number presented.

3.  Always state upfront how long the survey will take and how many questions are within the survey

To maintain good response rates it is advised that you provide your customers with how long you are asking them to take out of their busy day to provide you with their feedback.  For example “ this survey will only take 2 minutes as we are going to ask you 3 quick questions….”

4.  Always allow customers to provide some free form comments

Free form comments will allow customers to provide feedback that isn’t just a score or template answer.  Our clients have seen that this has helped drive process and customer journey improvement.

5.  Always get in contact with customers who are detractors or dissatisfied

It is advised to get in touch with customers who are unhappy within the day they provided the feedback.  This will provide further insight into how to stop this issue happening, win the customer back around and reduce any escalation of complaints.

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These are just some very quick tips for customer satisfaction surveys best practise but Revive Management provide Survey Solutions for its clients who send up to 100,000 surveys a day collectively.  Please send us your details or call us on 0844 693 0244 to find out more about how Revive Management can provide your organisation with the most effective methods to obtain customer feedback.  We are happy to also to discuss customer satisfaction surveys best practice within your industry.

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