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A four month training programme was provided to TT2 Ltd, the organisation in charge of both tunnels, by B-Skill who were appointed to help improve customer satisfaction for the new Tyne Tunnel opening.

B-Skill helped deal with complaints and customer interaction as work neared an end on the construction of the tunnel.

The 45 TT2 employees who had graduated from B-Skill’s customer care programme found handling complaints had become a lot easier due to the training. 16 also achieved a qualification in team leadership.

Paul Myers, HR manager of TT2 Ltd said “we are committed to staff training and development as this is critical to the safe and efficient running of both Tyne Tunnels. “We needed two programmes tailored to our unique requirements and delivery was not to cause any disruption”.

B-Skill’s  trainer Christine Hunton came in at the start of the process and had a full induction with TT2. Not only do we now have a more highly skilled and qualified workforce, our staff have been empowered by their new qualifications and feel much more motivated.

Andrea Aylwin who is the adult and commercial manager at B-Skill stated that there had been an increase in customer satisfaction at TT2 Ltd which was hugely pleasing and testament to the efforts of everyone involved.


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