5 Common Questions About Customer Experience Management

What is it?

Customer Experience Management allows organisations to manage their customers’ experiences with the ambition of improving customer experience to increase market share and retention. To measure customer experience, companies need a framework that tells them not only how good their customers’ experiences is but also how to improve them and what benefits to expect from doing so. Increasingly, companies are developing such a framework including Net Promoter Score, Voice of the Customer and Customer Satisfaction to improve.

 How do organisations go about obtaining feedback from customers?

There are various ways in which organisations go about obtaining customer feedback for customer experience management:

Contact centre agents – Some organisations ask contact centre agents to obtain feedback from customers either after calls or at a later date.  This is the most costly way to obtain feedback and unless you have lots of spare budgets to spend is not scalable to provide enough feedback for meaningful information.  Cost per completed survey could be between £5 and £10.

Interactive Voice Messaging – The most cost effective method to obtain feedback.  Customers are sent a pre recorded interactive voice messages and ask to take part in the short customer experience survey.  They are typically asked 3 questions and asked to score using their telephone keypad between 0 and 9.  A further enhancement to this service is to provide an opportunity for the customer to leave some comments which can be listened to by the organisation.  Cost per completed survey can range from 40 pence to 70 pence.

2 way SMS – Another effective method used for customer experience management although only limited to mobile telephones.  Similar to Interactive Voice Messaging, the customer is asked 3 questions and asked to score between 0 and 9 with an option to provide free form text comments also.  Questions arise about whether these SMS messages should be free to the end customer or not.  Should you decide that the SMS messages should be free then cost per completed survey ranges from £1 to £2.

Email – Typically organisations in the eCommerce space find this most effective.  Organisations not in this space have a limited amount of emails to get the response rates to provide meaningful information.  Customers are sent an email and then asked to click a link to a website to complete the survey.  Cost per completed survey range from 5p – 20p.

What benefits do organisations see?

By taking part in a customer experience management programme and obtaining customer feedback our clients have seen benefits including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction leading to increased customer retention
  • Improved internal processes from customer feedback
  • Improved call centre agent and field agent skill and performance
  • Increased market share as customers promote the organisation

Who uses it?

Customer Experience Management systems are useful for all sorts of organisations and businesses, including insurance, retailers, banks, healthcare organisations, and utilities companies. It’s a proven methodology that has reaped measurable rewards in terms of cost savings and objectives achieved.

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