Most cost effective ways to measure and improve customer satisfaction

In order to measure and improve customer satisfaction we need to first ask our customers for their feedback on our services. In order to improve, we need to hear their thoughts, gripes and their compliments. In addition we need to build a picture of the feedback across a wide sample of our customer base to get a true reading.

Many organisations gather this valuable feedback from their customers through surveys. A standard manual survey requiring an initial phone call or meeting and with interaction from both parties can be expensive to conduct. A recent poll suggested that the cost to conduct a survey over the phone using a call centre agent on a predictive dialler can be as much as £10.

So a survey method is required to gather a large volume of data, across the whole customer base for the least cost outlay. The only way to do this is to use an automated communication method.

The options

  • Email

Using email to survey customers is certainly the cheapest method. Large volumes of customers can be targeted in a very small amount of time. Interactive HTML surveys which are well designed can gather verbatim feedback for a very low cost outlay.  However email response rates are declining; as inboxes continue to fill with spam customers are becoming less responsive to email and rates on average are below 5%.

  • SMS

SMS is the most direct and some figures show that it’s the most responsive channel for gathering customer feedback. However not many organisations have a mobile phone number for their customers and certainly not all of them. In addition, verbatim feedback tends to be brief in SMS format.

  • Interactive Voice Messaging

IVM is another extremely effective channel as it provides all the benefits of a manual voice survey (which as we know can be very expensive) but with the anonymity of an automated contact channel. Special software can transcribe the feedback left by customers. The only downside of using IVM to gather feedback is that the survey needs to be carried out there and then by the customer instead of in their own time – this however can be solved by leaving a voicemail message with an inbound number for customers to call back in their own time.

So which is the best approach?

Answer:- All of them

Using a blended approach combining email, IVM and SMS to gather customer feedback gives the best experience for the customer, the largest portion of feedback from your customers and the most cost effective way to capture the information.

Revive Managements industry leading communication platform provides a true multi channel approach, encompassing email, IVM and SMS with the ability to blend all three into the most effective customer survey capture tool in the marketplace today.

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