Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions including diallers can reduce call centre costs by up to 43% over 5 years says a Frost & Sullivan report.

Why install expensive equipment on site when a hosted solution requires no up front capital payment?

Frost & Sullivan carried out a survey of more than 12 call centres of different sizes assessing capabilities such as ACD, IVR, dialler quality monitoring, workforce management, customer feedback agent hiring and eLearning.

The study analysed the total cost of ownership and concluded that a hosted solution was better economically over a 3 year and 5 year period. The savings made were on hardware, applications, implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

The beauty of a hosted model is that it is paid for as it is used and not all up front. This eliminates the need for costly in house hardware and IT infrastructure maintenance.

In house solutions regularly need expensive upgrades and maintenance of in house equipment can be 15-25% of the purchase price. In house equipment needs to be replaced every 5 years.

The study also revealed that the bigger the call centre the bigger the savings. Over a 5 year period a 100 seat model saved an average of 23%, a 250 seat model saved an average 34% and a 500 seat model saved an average 43%. More savings are made than this as a hosted dialler holds many call centre applications in the cloud.

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