July 9, 2020

The Airlines Are Getting HOT on Customer Experience

Allocated seating is being introduced by Easyjet from November. By allocating seating Easyjet felt that this would improve customer satisfaction and attract more customers. Most customers will get free allocated seating when they check in and extra leg room customers will be able to pre-book for a fee.

The scheme has already been tested and it was found that 70% of customers preferred allocated seating. AC spokesman for the company said “this is not about revenue generation but about customer satisfaction”. The change will have no material impact on costs the airline said.

Due to these tough economic times Easyjet has been battling to attract more customers and in particular more business travellers.

No frills airlines have traditionally charge to book seats but passengers have complained about rising fees. Many families see the charge of booking seats in order to sit together a “hidden charge”.

The cost to pre-book seats with extra leg room will be £12 with £8 for a booking in the front seat rows and £3 for any other seats.

Passengers who do not pre-book will be offered seat numbers with their boarding passes rather than being able to choose a seat on the aircraft.

As Customer Satisfaction becomes a key priority for organisations of all sizes, the requirement to measure and evaluate their customer feedback becomes more and more important.

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