5 Top Tips to Improve Customer Service In Your Call Centre

Great customer service can help your business in so many ways. It can help exceed customers’ expectations of your company, boost your sales and help keep customers loyalty.  When it isn’t face to face it can be difficult to get the right tone and provide the same kind of one to one customer service that people could get in branch. There are many ways in which you can help make a customer feel at ease with using a call centre to voice their issues or to hear about your business.

Here are our 5 top tips to improve your call centre’s customer service:

5) Place a timescale on your ‘on -hold’ time.
It can be incredibly frustrating as a customer to be told multiple times during one phone call that you are going to have to be put on hold. Our first to top is to have a plan of an acceptable waiting time. Offering the option for a call back with a specific timescale is a much better customer experience and it also cuts their call charge

4) Provide a lot of information readily on your customers via your websites homepage.
This may sound strange but if you provide enough essential information on your website customers won’t have to contact you. This reduces the number of calls coming to your call centre and keeps lines and employees free for people who really need assistance.

3) Train your employees to ask themselves three questions.
There are so many reasons someone may call you or for you to be calling them and it’s pretty impossible to be trained to deal with every eventuality. What you can do though is think your answers through by asking yourself these three simple questions:

Is this the right suggestion for the customer?

Is this right for the business?

Am I willing to take responsibility?

Not only does this help the customer service, it also helps employees be knowledgeable and with accountability comes more empowerment within their role.

2) Offer proactive customer service.
Devise a way where you connect with your customer before they need to contact you.
These can’t be pointless communications; they need to be timely and relevant to the customer. This could be fraud monitoring, an offer that is relevant to their payment plans or personalised reward schemes.

5) Thank customers for feedback.
This may seem obvious but can prove difficult depending on how the call went. Positive or negative, thank a customer for any feedback they give. It shows that you are taking their feedback seriously and shows them you are listening to what they have to say. This will encourage customer loyalty and a professional manner within your employees.

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