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We provide innovative messaging applications which utilise SMS, interactive voice and email to improve the efficiency of your customer contact with a core focus on billing, payments and collections

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SMS, Voice, Email

Omni-channel contact provides a smooth and effective route to customer engagement, allowing you to streamline operations.


PCI - DSS Compliant

The platform adheres to the most stringent security and compliance standards, ensuring that payments are processed securely.


GDPR Ready

Data protection is integrated into the foundations of our products and services.


Deep Analytics

Our analysis and data-mining techniques allow you to stem losses and understand the effectiveness of various communication channels.


Risk-based Treatment

Our platform offers the flexibility to tailor your approach to a particular customer subset, for instance a high-level risk category, in order to maximise collections.


Real Time Reporting

Real-time reports are available and accessible across multiple file formats, and can be delivered via various channels (email, SFTP, API).


Collections Dashboard

Data visualisation allows you to identify & understand successes & failures in real-time, & subsequently make the necessary changes to optimise performance.


Expert Consultation

The root of our success lies with our in-house team of experts, who ensure that customers are contacted in the most effective manner.

We also provide contact solutions which have been designed to

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    Notify and Alert Customers

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    Capture Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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    Conduct Data Capture such as meter reads

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